Persona 5 Royal Test Questions | All quiz and exam answers (2023)

Throughout Persona 5 Royal, you’ll be asked quiz questions during class. These questions will raise your Knowledge stat and also factor into your midterm and final exams. Unfortunately, you can’t just use the same test and exam answers from the original Persona 5 in Royal. Persona 5 Royal has completely remixed all the quiz and exam questions to throw players of the original off.

While answering class questions wrong in Persona 5 Royal won’t significantly impact your game, it does help you raise your knowledge stat without burning up any of your free time. The higher your knowledge, the better you’ll do on exams, as those are graded based on how many test questions you get right and your current knowledge stat.

Fortunately, we’ve got a list of every single quiz and exam question in the game broken down by month. Just click on the table of contents below to be taken immediately to the answers you need in Persona 5 Royal.

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Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | April

There are eight pop quiz questions in April.

  • 4/12

    • Question: Tell me what the Devil’s Dictionary defined as the chief factor in the progress of the human race.
      • Answer: Villains
  • 4/19

    • Question: Between A and B… which line seems longer…?
      • Answer: They’re the same.
  • 4/25

    • Question: What’s that phrase meant to convey? “My country, right or wrong?”
      • Answer: You unquestioningly support it.
    • Question: But the original meaning was different? So I guess it’d be something like…
      • Answer: You have a duty to correct it.
  • 4/27

    • Question: Do you know the name of the theorem named after this number?
      • Answer: Four color theorem.
  • 4/30

    • Question: First off, the “wunder” part probably means…
      • Answer: Wonder.
    • Question: Next, the “kind” part. That’s probably…
      • Answer: Child.
    • Question: So a “wunderkind” would be…
      • Answer: A prodigy.

Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | May

There are ten quiz questions in May.

  • 5/7

    • Question: So what’s the literal translation of the phrase “femme fatale”?
      • Answer: Fatal Woman.
  • 5/10

    • Question: You know the time period Yoshitsune was active in, don’t you?
      • Answer: The Heian period.
  • 5/16

    • Question: What do we call the phenomenon where believing in a treatment’s power is enough to improve your condition?
      • Answer: The placebo effect.
  • 5/19

    • Question: Which famous ukiyo-e artist of the Edo period is said to have moved residence over 100 times?
      • Answer: Katsushika Hokusai.
    • Question: The golden ratio is 1:1.618, but do you know the silver ratio?
      • Answer: 1:1.414
  • 5/23

    • Question: If we think about what these words have in common, then maybe “syn” means…
      • Answer: Together.
    • Question: And “aisthesis,” huh? That’s a little like the word aesthetics. I wonder if it means…
      • Answer: Senses.
    • Question: So that means the full word basically means…
      • Answer: Senses coming together.
  • 5/26

    • Question: Do you know which author Leblanc borrowed from?
      • Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • 5/31

    • Question: Do you know which peg-legged, parrot toting historical figure’s appearance became a visual shorthand for pirates?
      • Answer: John Silver.

Persona 5 Royal May Midterm Exam Answers

The first semester midterms have eight questions.

(Video) Persona 5 Royal 10/17 - Exams (Correct answers)

  • 5/11

    • Question: What historical figure inspired the term of “favoring the magistrate”?
      • Answer: Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
    • Question: Yoshitune had a brother, right? Oh, I think his name was…
      • Answer: Minamoto no Yoritomo.
    • Question: But they ended up coming into conflict. And in the end, when they had to oppose each other…
      • Answer: Yoritomo won.
    • Question: That’s probably because people tend to sympathize less with figures in power, and sympathize more with…
      • Answer: The weak.
  • 5/12

    • Question: Which brain function is responsible for the phenomenon of seeing an illusion in this figure?
      • Answer: Cognition.
    • Question: Which of the following maps can you paint without any adjacent areas being the same color?
    • Answer: Both.
  • 5/13

    • Question: Name the book that defined malefactors as the chief factor in the progress of the human race.
      • Answer: The Devil’s Dictionary.
    • Question: What character archetype refers to a mysterious and seductive woman, typically with ulterior motives?
      • Answer: Femme Fatale.

Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | June

There are nine pop quiz questions in June.

  • 6/4

    • Question: What do you think the name for this phenomenon is?
      • Answer: The halo effect.
  • 6/7

    • Question: The red king crab is biologically related to the hermit crab. So how is it different from a crab…? Do you know?
      • Answer: The number of legs.
  • 6/8

    • Question: Where does totalitarianism take things a step further than authoritarianism?
      • Answer: Controlling public thought.
  • 6/13

    • Question: ….What color do you think it turns?
      • Answer: Green.
  • 6/15

    • Question: Between paper bills and coins, which one is issued by the government?
      • Answer: Coins.
  • 6/20

    • Question: What do you think? One of these has minor metals in it, right?
      • Answer: Smartphone.
  • 6/23

    • Question: Now, do you know what this woman’s position was?
      • Answer: A pope.
  • 6/27

    • Question: Which of these animals is involved in an English idiom about the weather?
      • Answer: Dogs.
  • 6/29

    • Question: What do you think it says on the back of this piece?
      • Answer: Gold.

Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | July

There are seven pop quizzes in July.

  • 7/1

    • Question: What’s the meaning of the original Chinese phrase that these dumplings’ name came from?
      • Answer: Barbarian’s head.
  • 7/4

    • Question: Two people are responsible for July and August having 31 days. Do you know who those people are?
      • Answer: Julius and Augustus.
  • 7/9

    • Question: Do you know what shape it is?
      • Answer: A triangle.
  • 7/11

    • Question: What is long-term memory, anyway?
      • Answer: Memories that last a long time.
    • Question: Maruki mentioned something about the amount of memories you could store, right? Something like…
      • Answer: Infinite.
    • Question: If you have theoretically infinite space for them… then theoretically, you’d be able to retain them for…
      • Answer: Forever.
  • 7/12

    • Question: Do you know what he did?
      • Answer: Thievery.

Persona 5 Royal July Final Exam Answers

The July Final Exam has eight questions.

(Video) Persona 5 Royal - December Exam Answers (English)

  • 7/13

    • Question: If angle C is 28 degrees, and angles A and D are 88 degrees, what is the angle of B and E?
      • Answer: 64 degrees.
    • Question: I think this came up in class. They were invented by that famous guy from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, right?
      • Answer: Zhuge Liang.
    • Question: And they were offering something to quell the river…
      • Answer: Barbarians’ heads.
    • Question: This master strategist came up with the baozi to…
      • Answer: To offer them instead of heads.
  • 7/14

    • Question: Write the name and biological classification of this creature.
      • Answer: Red King Crab (Paralithodes).
    • Question: What happened when the government issued paper and hard currencies in Japan for the first time?
      • Answer: It caused confusion in the economy.
  • 7/15

    • Question: What is the English equivalent of the Norwegian idiom ‘raining witches’?
      • Answer: Raining cats and dogs.
    • Question: Which of the following is another name for the soumen noodles traditionally eaten on Tanabata?
      • Answer: Demon Guts.

Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | September

You’ll have to answer ten questions in September.

  • 9/3

    • Question: Each hand in this famous statue means something, but… do you know what the right represents?
      • Answer: Prosperity.
  • 9/6

    • Question: Do you know the name of that phenomenon where the second hand looks like it’s stopped moving?
      • Answer: Chronostasis.
  • 9/13

    • Question: What does a pawn shop offer that a secondhand shop doesn’t?
      • Answer: Money loans for collateral.
  • 9/17

    • Question: What’s one of the origins for the phrase “cat got your tongue”?
      • Answer: Cats eating human tongues.
  • 9/21

    • Question: Robot comes from a word in Czech. But where in Europe is the Czech Republic located?
      • Answer: Central Europe.
  • 9/24

    • Question: How many white and black shapes are there respectively on a soccer ball?
      • Answer: 20 white, 12 black.
  • 9/28

    • Question: So “PVS”, referring to when you mistakenly think your phone is going off…
      • Answer: Phantom
    • Question: The next part is the V part. That means it’d be “phantom…” what?
      • Answer: Vibrating
    • Question: Last is the S. So if we have “phantom vibration” so far…
      • Answer: Syndrome.
  • 9/29

    • Question: But the fishermen of Nagaragawa are actually civil servants as well. So, tell me which sector they belong to.
      • Answer: Imperial Household Agency.

Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | October

There are only five pop quizzes in October.

  • 10/3

    • Question: If we use “three watermelons in the sun” to visualize a certain matter’s size against the universe’s, what are the melons?
      • Answer: Stars.
  • 10/6

    • Question: Now, do you know who invented this instrument?
      • Answer: Joseph-Ignace Guillotin.
  • 10/11

    • Question: Which name was most commonly ascribed to shape B?
      • Answer: Bouba.
  • 10/22

    • Question: Now, tell me the total count for each column in this magic square.
      • Answer: 15.
  • 10/24

    • Question: From a psychological standpoint, what is a key reason our memories can differ from reality?
      • Answer: Memory bias.

Persona 5 Royal October Midterm Exam Answers

The October Midterm has seven questions.

(Video) Persona 5 The Royal ALL TEST Answers (Finals, Mid Terms, Quizses) Helpful List!

  • 10/17

    • Question: Counting both black and white surfaces, how many surfaces are there in total on a soccer ball?
      • Answer: 32 surfaces.
    • Question: Didn’t the teacher say that the number of colors used to be different? Do you remember?
      • Answer: It used to be one color.
    • Question: Oh yeah, I remember. I think she said that unlike now, soccer games were broadcasted with….
      • Answer: Black and white picture.
  • 10/18

    • Question: Who conducted executions using this device?
      • Answer: Charles-Henri Sanson.
    • Question: What is the reason that most people cannot become a cormorant fisherman of Nagarasawa?
      • Answer: It’s a hereditary profession.
  • 10/19

    • Question: What is the meaning of “robota,” the etymological root of “robot”?
      • Answer: Slave labor.
    • Question: Which of the following describes the density of stars in outer space?
      • Answer: 3 bees in all of Europe.

Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | November

You’ll be asked eight questions at School in November.

  • 11/2

    • Question: Can you tell me the meaning of the word “wack” in the Thieves’ Cant?
      • Answer: A share of stolen goods.
  • 11/4

    • Question: Clubs is a club, diamonds is a gem… So, what does a spade represent?
      • Answer: A sword.
  • 11/8

    • Question: Tell me how old you have to be to listen in on a trial.
      • Answer: Any age.
  • 11/10

    • Question: Do you know why it’s missing in the character for “crow”?
      • Answer: Crow eyes are hard to see.
  • 11/12

    • Question: I wonder. Do you know why our voices sound so different over the phone?
      • Answer: Because the voice is synthetic.
  • 11/14

    • Question: Tell me why that is.
      • Answer: Because of high altitude.
  • 11/15

    • Question: How was he punished?
      • Answer: His head was put on display.
  • 11/17

    • Question: Do you know the name for this graph? Your hint is “snails”….
      • Answer: Cochleoid.

Persona 5 Royal December Final Exam Answers

There are eight questions on the December Final Exam.

  • 12/20

    • Question: Choose the graph that became the origin for the name for the Chinese yoyo known as a diabolo.
      • Answer: D.
    • Question: He was a really famous thief from the Edo period, right? How much money did he steal, in the end?
      • Answer: Over one billion yen.
    • Question: As a result, he was sentenced to….
      • Answer: Having is head displayed.
    • Question: Criminals, especially famous criminals being paraded around, was mostly done for….
      • Answer: Public performance.
  • 12/21

    • Question: Which suit of cards represents the Holy Grail?
      • Answer: Hearts.
    • Question: According to Japanese judicial law, what is possible for even an infant to do in court?
      • Answer: Attend.
  • 12/22

    • Question: What country refers to a person who controls politics behind the scenes as a “prime minister in black”?
      • Answer: Japan
    • Question: The Japanese word “dokyuu” translates to “massive.” What English word inspired the initial “do” in dokyuu?
      • Answer: Dreadnought.

Persona 5 Royal Quiz Question Answers | January

There are nine questions in January.

(Video) Persona 5 - All Quiz Questions Answers before Final Exams (May, June, July)

  • 1/11

  • Question: What’s this phrase supposed to illustrate about the gods of Shinto?
    • Answer: How numerous they are.
  • Question: What’s that phrase again? The one about how many gods there are in Shinto….
    • Answer: The Eight Million Gods.
  • 1/14

  • Question: Where do you think the fictional land of “Ihatov” is modeled after?
    • Answer: Iwate.
  • 1/18

  • Question: What did the word “awful” originally mean?
    • Answer: Impressive.
  • 1/21

  • Question: Do you know what she’s stepping on?
    • Answer: A Snake.
  • 1/24

  • Question: What does that mean when describing a person?
    • Answer: Kind-hearted.
  • Question: So what kind of connotation would “salty” have in that context?
    • Answer: Negative.
  • Question: So with all that in mind, “salty” probably means….
    • Answer: Resentful.
  • 1/27

  • Question: How far did this study suggest personal happiness can spread?
    • Answer: To friends of friends of friends.


How many exams are in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Persona 5 Royal Exams – Stat Boosts

There are four exams in the game. To rank first, you need to have attained Knowledge Rank 4 in (Encyclopedic) byt the final day of the exam first exam, and answer all questions correctly.

How do you ace exams in Persona 5 Royal? ›

To stay on top during the second, third, and fourth exams, you need to reach rank 5 in Knowledge (Erudite) by each of the respective last exam days and continue to answer all questions correctly. If you fulfill the requirements, you will receive a trophy.

Which line is longer A or B Persona 5? ›

Between A and B, which line seems longer? - They're the same.

What is the angle of B and E Persona 5? ›

If angle C is 28 degrees, and angles A and D are 88 degrees, what is the angle of B and E? - 64 degrees.

How many hours does it take to 100% Persona 5? ›

Read More. When focusing on the main objectives, Persona 5 is about 97½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 173 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is it hard to get the true ending in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Reaching the Persona 5 Royal true ending means making the right choices at the right time, planning your activities carefully, and meeting some strict deadlines. It takes a bit of effort, but the reward is more than just seeing some new ending scenes.

Can you date SAE in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Romance in Persona 5 is easy to achieve. The protagonist can romance any of the female Confidants except for Sae Niijima.

Can you get Satanael in Persona 5 Royal? ›

In order to unlock Satanael players must first complete the game, achieving either the true ending of the original Persona 5 or one of the two new endings added in Royal.

What is the max level on p5r? ›

For most games the level cap is 99, but some bosses (most commonly final bosses) can have a level that surpasses that cap as an indicator of how strong they are.

What is Joker's Canon name Persona? ›

While the player can freely name Joker in the game, he is canonically named Ren Amamiya in most appearances and Akira Kurusu in the manga adaptation.

Who is the best girlfriend in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Out of all the potential romances, the standout is the one with Hifumi Togo. While there are some requirements to even start getting to know her, Hifumi's story is well worth the work.

Can you romance Kasumi in Royal? ›

If you want to romance Kasumi, make sure you get her to Rank 5 before the 18th November. You then have to continue hanging out with her during the new semester in Persona 5 Royal. You'll get the chance to romance her once her confidant rank is high enough.

Where is 777 Persona 5? ›

The Triple Seven store is located in Shibuya Central Street down toward the movie theater, which informs how busy this part-time job can get.

How do you unlock Kasumi? ›

Kasumi Yoshizawa (Faith Confidant)

You'll bump into Kasumi on the train early on, but you won't truly interact with her until the new park clean-up event on May 30. This is an unmissable story event, and you'll reach rank 1 with her and open up her Confidant route.

Which Persona game is longest? ›

Their average lengths are as follows:
  • Revelations: Persona — 37 Hours.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona — 38 Hours.
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin — 40 Hours.
  • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment — 60 Hours.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 — 87 Hours.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES — 92.5 Hours + 33 Hours for The Answer.
Mar 23, 2021

Is Persona 6 coming out? ›

Ultimax and likely Persona 4 Golden will come everywhere in 2022. However, Persona 6 will follow and only be for PS4 and PS5. However, it may come to PC in the future but not likely immediately at launch.

Is Persona 5 OK for a 11 year old? ›

The game has a combat simlar to pokemon or dragon quest which to some younger players might be confussing you can read the toturials in the menu. while the game does have some deep and dark messages like suicide and abuse, its nothing a 12 year old couldnt handle.

Can you romance SAE in Royal? ›

Persona 5 Royal. Sae retains most of her roles from the original version of the game. While she still cannot be romanced, the protagonist will receive a chocolate from her during Valentine's Day no matter what, as the protagonist always maxes her confidant.

Do you need Kasumi for true ending? ›

These are the four important steps to unlocking the True Ending: Reach Rank 9 with Maruki, the Councillor Arcana before 18th November. Reach Rank 8 with Akechi, the Justice Arcana before 18th November. Reach Rank 5 with Kasumi, the Faith Arcana before 18th December.

What level should you be at the end of Persona 5 Royal? ›

In order to get the "best" or "true" ending in Persona 5 Royal, you need to meet the following requirements: Reach Councillor Arcana (Doctor Maruki) Rank 9 before 18th November. Reach Faith Arcana (Kasumi Yoshizawa) Rank 5 before 18th December. Reach Justice Arcana (Goro Akechi) Rank 8 before 24th November.

What is Joker's Canon girlfriend Persona 5? ›

Persona 5 Royal: Joker x Kasumi Is Basically Canon - And Here's The Proof. A close look at Kasumi's personas show that she might be Joker's canon love interest in Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal saw the introduction of a brand new character and Phantom Thief - Kasumi Yoshizawa.

Who has a crush on Joker Persona 5? ›

8 Love: Joker & Makoto Nijima

Throughout her questline, Makoto opens her heart to Joker to vent to him about her father's death and how she feels lonely. Joker is able to comfort her through this growing closer to her, which naturally develops into a romantic relationship.

Who is best girl in Persona 5? ›

1st Place: Makoto Niijima (391 Votes) Third-year student council president at Shujin Academy, Makoto (code name: Queen) first appeared in Persona 5. Makoto received 391 votes, or 16.7% of the total votes cast.

What should I fuse Arsene with? ›

Here are the fusions that make Arsene:
  1. High Pixie (level 16) and Obariyon (level 8)
  2. Regent (level 10) and Obariyon (level 8)
  3. Stone of Scone (level 20) and Obariyon (level 8)
  4. Orlov (level 30) and Obariyon (level 8)
  5. Emperor's Amulet (level 35) and Obariyon (level 8)

How to evolve Arsene? ›

Arsène evolves into Satanael after completing Ticket Quests 42, 43, 44 and 45. He obtains the special skill Revolt Vanguard.

On what date does P5R end? ›

Unlocking Persona 5 Royal's true ending is pretty straightforward once you've reached the Third Semester. You must reject both offers on January 9 and February 2, secure a route to the final Palace's treasure, and beat the boss.

What should you not do in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Here are 6 things you definitely shouldn't do during your first Persona 5 Royal playthrough.
  1. Don't purchase gear.
  2. Don't go to bed unless forced. ...
  3. Don't ghost Mishima. ...
  4. Don't ignore any NPCs. ...
  5. Don't go anywhere without a book. Buying books, taking names. ...
  6. Don't intentionally read books until July. Reading Atlus/Sega. ...
Mar 30, 2020

Can I Fuse a Persona higher level than me? ›

Now, this does come with a caveat: You are unable to fuse Personas that have a higher level than you are currently. This means that you may have to pick and choose what you want to do — or, if you are patient, you can hold off on fusing two Personas together until you are a higher level.

Will Persona 6 have Joker? ›

Joker embodies Persona's themes and is the poster boy for in Persona 5 crossovers, putting a lot of pressure on Persona 6's protagonist.

Is Joker in love with Akechi? ›

It's a love confession: Akechi's life isn't "trivial" to Joker because he loves him.

What is Joker's full name? ›

Martha reveals that she forced Psycho-Pirate, a villain with extensive knowledge of the entire DC Universe, to tell her the name of the Joker in the main DC Universe. It is then revealed that the Joker's real name is “Jack Oswald White.”

Can you cheat on your girlfriend in Persona 5? ›

In fact, you actually end up with an extra (pity) chocolate from Sojiro, according to a post here: you still get chocolate from the girl you picked for Valentine's day and pity chocolate from Sojiro. Thus, if you choose to cheat, you actually receive more than if you'd stayed faithful.

Can you date Kasumi? ›

Apart from aiding Joker in battle, Kasumi is also a romance option exclusive to Persona 5's definitive edition. Those keen on keeping Kasumi close will want to take several careful steps to ensure she enters a romantic relationship with the game's protagonist.

Who is the Canon romance in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Makoto is considered a queen by her fans. Fans who like her, REALLY like her, and even consider her to be the canon romance of the game. She also is relatively easy to romance and is incredibly plot-relevant.

Does Kasumi have a sister? ›

The Yoshizawa sisters, Kasumi and Sumire, lived alongside their father Shinichi Yoshizawa, the director of the talk show where Goro Akechi was first met. Aside of him, they also lived alongside their mother and grandmother.

How do I get Team akechi? ›

Akechi can be found outside the Penguin Sniper Lounge (where you play darts) in Kichijoji. He will show up regardless of whether it is raining or not, but he will only be there during the evening, so plan your days accordingly. He is likely to be available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

What Palace does Kasumi awaken in? ›

It is the Palace of Takuto Maruki.

When can I talk to Kasumi again? ›

From this point forward, Kasumi is mostly available to speak with on Wednesdays. Though there are a few special events when she'll call you. She mostly hangs out around Kichijoji: a new zone added in Persona 5 Royal. Like Shinjuku, this requires a modest travel fee each time you go there.

Can you make Kasumi go home? ›

Triggered after Reformation or Cleansing the Land, return to Kasumi at Acadia. You can choose to convince her to stay at Acadia or to go home.

Does Kasumi have depression? ›

Trivia. Kasumi's personality and character were the complete opposite in the original storyline: she was depressed, lonely, reserved, and had barely any presence and very low self-esteem due to being bullied when she was younger.

Do you have to romance Kasumi? ›

To get right to it, there is simply no way to romance Kasumi Goto in this critically-acclaimed action RPG from BioWare. In fact, the options for interacting with Kasumi are generally quite limited, as they are with Zaeed Massani, another of Mass Effect 2's DLC squad members.

Why isn't Igor in P5S? ›

Where's Igor? Igor is a series staple that Persona fans have come to expect to see over the years. As the master of the Velvet Room, it is rare for him to not appear when the protagonist is called. In Persona 5, it is revealed that the real Igor was trapped by Yaldabaoth.

Why is Akechi not in strikers? ›

Sadly, Akechi is not in Person 5 Strikers. This is due to Strikers being the sequel to the original Persona 5 rather than Royal. Meaning that Akechi died and won't be making an appearance.

Is Kasumi a villain? ›

Type of Villain

Kasumi A is an antagonist from the Dead or Alive video games series, debuting in Dead or Alive 2. In Japanese, she was voiced by Sakura Tange and Hōko Kuwashima. In English, she was voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

How long does it take to 100% Persona 5 Royal? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Persona 5 Royal is about 102 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 143 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How many endings does Persona 5 Royal have? ›

In total, there are five possible endings you can achieve in Persona 5. Of the five, three of them are considered "bad," one is considered "good," and then there's the true canonical ending. You can unlock one of the bad endings from the get-go by refusing to agree to Igor's contract in the Velvet Room.

How hard is it to platinum Persona 5 Royal? ›

While fairly easy to achieve, the Persona 5 Royal Platinum trophy is far from a cakewalk; after all, the game is a 100+ hour RPG. The high Platinum completion rate of the game does imply that the game's players are a dedicated bunch.

Can you get fired in Persona 5 Royal? ›

You'll never get fired

You can have as many jobs as you like, too, so don't be afraid to apply for them all.

Should I finish palaces early? ›

For all but one Palace in the game, complete your Palaces as soon as possible. The only one you shouldn't do this on is the only one you can't do this on. Due to spoilers, we won't go into that here. Not completing a Palace means the owner of it is still up and doing evil things.

What is the strongest Persona in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Excluding Personas obtained through DLC, Satanael is the strongest Persona in the game, boasting the highest raw stats and resistances across the board. Unfortunately, it can only be unlocked during New Game+.

What happens if you date everyone in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Choosing to date multiple girls at once will actually net you a bonus scene at the end of Persona 5. On Valentine's Day, your girlfriend (or girlfriends) will invite you to spend time with them.

What is p5r true ending? ›

Unlocking Persona 5 Royal's true ending is pretty straightforward once you've reached the Third Semester. You must reject both offers on January 9 and February 2, secure a route to the final Palace's treasure, and beat the boss.

What happens if you don't max Maruki? ›

Maruki is also the key to unlocking Persona 5 Royal's biggest chunk of new content. If you don't max out his confidant by November 18, you'll be locked out from enjoying the game's third semester which contains a new palace, higher-level Persona, more school days, and so much more.

What is Joker's canon name? ›

While the player can freely name Joker in the game, he is canonically named Ren Amamiya in most appearances and Akira Kurusu in the manga adaptation.

Does difficulty affect XP in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Normal Difficulty in Persona 5 Royal doesn't change anything as it provides the baseline experience. Normal Difficulty is recommended for players who are confident in their abilities. You won't get any bonus experience points or money, and tougher enemies are capable of dealing big damage if you're not careful.

How do you evolve Arsene in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Arsène evolves into Satanael after completing Ticket Quests 42, 43, 44 and 45. He obtains the special skill Revolt Vanguard.

Can you make Satanael Persona 5 Royal? ›

Satanael is created via an advanced fusion using six other personas, some of which can only be acquired by completing Confidants. Arsene: The protagonist's initial Persona, easy to obtain by resummoning from the Compendium.

Is there a secret ending in Persona 5 Royal? ›

As with Persona titles before it, Persona 5 Royal has a special ending you can unlock that's different from the original game's. By growing close to the characters specifically added to Royal (along with one other) you can unlock the true expanded ending.


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